New Wrinkles at FCC: Singing of Love and Dreams


Photo by: Courtesy of: New Wrinkles Facebook

Story By: Eric Ham, Reporter

Fresno’s famed senior singing group, New Wrinkles, performed at Fresno City College on Saturday, Oct. 27 in the Old Administration Building Auditorium to an audience of enthusiastic supporters and patrons.

The performance, entitled “A Little Night Music” was a collection of tunes from an era long-passed. As an addition to their regular schedule, the performance was to be “an intimate evening of songs,” according to the New Wrinkles official website.

And that it was. At the start of the performance, New Wrinkles director, David Bonetto, introduced the show by acknowledging the lack of programs available.

Bonetto said the New Wrinkles cast wanted audience members to sit back, relax, and enjoy without distractions. The New Wrinkles are approaching their 31st season and the performance was to be, in-part, a celebration of the New Wrinkles longevity and success as a group.

As the New Wrinkles have grown in their popularity over the years, their cast has grown to an impressive size. The stage was covered by a group of diverse men and women who, evidently, couldn’t fit on the stage all at once; their numbers bled off the sides and onto the ascending stairs.

The performance consisted of classics from an era long-passed, including “When You Wish Upon a Star,” “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes,” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Additionally, it also featured lesser-known tunes such as “Dream a Little Dream of Me” and “At Last.”

To provide a break between the many songs, New Wrinkles writer Darrell Yates came out to the stage and read poetry on these subjects a total of eight times throughout the show.

The close of each song was met with roaring applause from the audience, and this enthusiasm was mirrored by the cast.