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Love and War

Story By: Kiran Kaur, Reporter January 31, 2020

More often than not we find ourselves sitting in front of a friend, significant other or family member arguing over something as simple as whether or not the toilet paper goes over or under. Your dad slams...

Illustration by Tasha Turner

5 Ways You Make Your Partner Crazy

Story By: Tasha Turner, Reporter March 6, 2018

“You’re a crazy psycho b####!” Those were the last words an ex said to me. There I was, sitting in his trashy old PT Cruiser as he told me all the things I did that were “crazy.” All I...

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Has Technology Made Cheating a Social Norm?

Story By: Claudia Chavez, Reporter March 6, 2018

If I had a dollar for every time someone I knew mentioned cheating or being cheated on, I would be very rich, not just a broke college student. Unfortunately, I’m not rich from this issue, but I...

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Valentine’s Day? No, Thanks.

Story By: Stefanie Verdugo Tholen, Reporter February 6, 2018

I am married, and I hate Valentine’s Day. The only day that I should be obligated to be romantic is my wedding anniversary. I have been married for 14 years, and when I think back to my days as...

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