5 Ways You Make Your Partner Crazy

March 7, 2018


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Illustration by Tasha Turner

“You’re a crazy psycho b####!”

Those were the last words an ex said to me.

There I was, sitting in his trashy old PT Cruiser as he told me all the things I did that were “crazy.” All I could do was laugh. Looking back, laughing probably wasn’t helping with my “I’m not crazy” pleas. He hid the fact that he had commitment issues and was a compulsive liar, yet I was the crazy one?

I’ll be the first to admit I can be a little foolish at times, but most of the time, I have a reason for it.

An ex lover isn’t going to just key your car for no reason (well, most of the time). Whether it be you cheated on them or called them rude names, you probably deserved it. You could be driving your lovers crazy without even being aware of it.

If you want to stop ruining your relationships, here are five potential ways you could be making your partner crazy:

  • Commenting on someone else’s social media pictures.

Being nice and friendly is one thing, but saying how hot one of your facebook friend is can be crossing the line.

Trevor Danels, a 21-year-old welder, said he had an ex who commented on other guys’ pictures all the time.

“She even went as far as calling another guy hot while we were in the car together,” he said. “I feel like treatment like that is what has led to me being pretty heartless about some things, and it gave me negative views for a long time after her, too.”

This is the most efficient ways that exist to truly hurt a person, according to Daniels.

You’re asking to get stalked online if you can’t be trusted not to flirt online.

  • Making it known how much you love your celebrity crush.

We all have eyes. We can all see how hot Mila Kunis and Ryan Gosling are. We don’t need to be reminded of it every single day.

Becca Matuse, a 23-year-old vet assistant said, “I once dated a guy who told me how much he loved Katy Perry’s breasts.”

“I’ve always been insecure about my body and having him say that made me feel terrible,” she said.

Someone is bound to get jealous if you keep drooling over someone you have no chance with. Instead of complimenting a celebrity that can’t even hear you, how about complimenting your partner.

  • Being lazy.

The nagging partner. No one likes to boss their partner around and act like their parent, but if they can’t pick up after themselves, sometimes you have to.

“My current partner always forgets to clean up after himself,” Matuse said. “I feel so annoyed having to tell him to clean up.”

Don’t want your partner acting like your parent? Then pick up after yourself!

  • “Forgetting” about a dating profile you have.

No, you didn’t really forget, and we know. They don’t care if you left your Tinder up to just “troll people,” it’s disrespectful to your partner.

“I’ll admit it, I’m one of the people who left my Tinder profile open to gain more followers on Instagram,” Matuse said. “But once my boyfriend expressed his concerns, I closed it.”

If you don’t want your partner to think you’re cheating, don’t act as if you are.

  • Lying.

This one should be obvious. The key to trust is to not lie. Even the simplest white lie can make your partner question everything you say.

Trent Pannett, a 24-year-old wrestler, said his ex lied to him constantly.

“When I moved out of state, she would lie about who she was hanging out with, even if it was just friends,” he said. “It made me feel like I wasn’t respected by her.”

You don’t want your partner questioning everything you do, so be honest and open in your relationship.

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