Taking A Walk On The Wild Side

Story By: Austin Verburg

I’ve recently been fascinated by the writings of Dante Alighieri, and his descriptive vision of hell. However, I never thought I’d ever experience such dire torment, until I had one of the hottest wings available to eat at the recently opened restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar.

Don’t let that comparison scare you. Wild Wings is a pretty nifty restaurant. Regardless of whether or not you enjoy spicy foods, this place has got a flavor of wings for everyone. The menu lists every one of their delicious sauces from very mild to total insanity, each one described to help you decide which is to your liking.

Tuesdays and Thursdays is a great time to go, as the wings are all only 50 cents each. However, because of this great deal, these tend to be the busier days for the restaurant. This had an effect on how long it takes to get served; however, when it did arrive, I was not disappointed.

For those looking for something that’s not hot but good on flavor, I’d suggest the Honey BBQ wings. However, if you’re into the buffalo wing flavor, you have four options. Mild is all flavor, not heat. Medium had just enough of a kick, while Hot has more than enough heat in every bite. However, to those wishing to know the meaning of pain, the final option on the list of flavors is the Blazzin’.

After having just one of the hot flavored wings, I couldn’t possibly imagine the wings getting any hotter. However, my group of friends and decided to give the Blazzin’ flavor a try. We ordered one platter and had one each.

Never has a food of any sort packed such a punch.

After having just one, I was done. I could not have any more wings. Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant holds a challenge, requiring competitors to eat six of the Blazzin’ flavored wings. Challengers cannot wipe their hands or take a drink of any kind. Anyone who completes this challenge within six minutes gets a picture up on the wall as well as a free T-shirt.

A great way to end the meal and put the fire out is with a slice of delicious chocolate fudge cake and ice cream. Sadly, Buffalo Wild Wings does not give free dessert to birthday kids, so keep that in mind when picking this place to celebrate.

I was very happy with this restaurant, and will recommend it to any who ask.