Campus Bathroom Update

Story By: Kimberly Hodges

The Oct. 21 issue of the Rampage focused a great deal on the conditions of the bathrooms on the Fresno City College campus.

Issues about the cleanliness of the restrooms were brought to attention because, frankly, most campus bathrooms are atrocious. However, the school’s custodial staff works diligently and around the clock to pick up after such a high volume of students. However, it’s hard to pick up so many messes every day.

“We cannot keep up with the way the students leave the restrooms on all shifts,” said President Azari.

Students on campus seem to show little to no respect for the staff that has to clean up after them every day.

“The [toilet paper] dispensers are also being pulled off the walls, broken into and the paper stock taken. We have even had students urinate on new rolls of toilet tissue that had just been stocked,” said President Azari. “Sometimes we will have the rolls of toilet tissue just rolled off the dispenser and placed in the toilet or bunched up in the corner in a pile for no apparent reason,” she added.

In reality, the students who have the ‘it’s-ok-to-urinate-on-public-property’ attitudes should be ashamed of their inconsiderate actions and their personal hygiene as well.

“I don’t understand how someone can’t just flush the toilet when they’re done,” said FCC student Ty Richardson. “I hate opening a stall and staring down at a clogged pile of you know what.”

Some students look at the situation on a lighter note. FCC student Ryan Bombay commented that the writings in the bathrooms are simply hilarious to look at. “The graffiti in the stalls is some of the best reading on campus,” he said.

In the first article regarding bathrooms, the Rampage wanted to let students know of their actions, hoping they’d begin to see that the filth in the restrooms is due to their own messy nature. The hope was that students would grow up and begin to use some appropriate bathroom etiquette. Since that issue, most bathrooms unfortunately have continued to look the same as they ever did.

Building Services Manager Juan Bravo, who is in charge of most of the custodial staff, stated he hasn’t seen much difference in cleanliness of the restrooms. “As far as any change, we have yet to see anything dramatic,” said Bravo.