Senate Notes

Story By: Marika Smith, Writer

On Wednesday, October 28, the Academic Senate met for its biweekly meeting. Here are a few of the key issues that were discussed:

-After the police altercation with a skateboarder on campus, Fresno City College’s administration services has handed down a directive banning all clubs from fundraising activities near the fountain area. This means no food will be served, and no items will be sold, and so on. If booths are set up for other purposes, a club advisor must always be present. It’s thought that this rule been enacted because a student got on a microphone and told students to record the altercation as it turned ugly. More information will come in further meetings.

-State Center Community College District’s unrestricted reserves have increased by $3.3 million. The Senate is looking at using this money to possibly hire new staff, add classes, and generally combat budget cuts.

-The Associated Student Government (ASG) is very concerned about the fountain issue mentioned above. They are looking into exactly who handed down the ruling, and if nobody will take responsibility for it, they will ask why students must follow the rule.

-The ASG is also looking into FCC’s custodial budget and how to keep the campus cleaner, both bathrooms and otherwise.