FCC Overflow Parking Shuttle

Story By: Kimberly Hodges

Parking at FCC is a constant issue for students and staff. Even with a valid parking permit, and over 15 parking lots surrounding the campus, it is still tricky to find just one open stall in an hour’s time. A few surrounding neighborhoods and business strips allow FCC students to line their streets with vehicles at no charge. Parking off campus can create a long walk to class, but FCC has a short-term solution: the FCC Parking Shuttle.

The Parking Shuttle’s purpose is to pick up students or staff at numerous bus stops to provide them a quick and safe lift onto campus or back to their car. There are six bus stops on the route as indicated on the map. The shuttle goes as far as Parking Lot Q near Radcliff Stadium, east of Blackstone. Three drivers have scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs at each stop every 15 minutes.

According to one Shuttle driver, many students are unaware of the Parking Shuttle and its function. As a result, the drivers pick up, on average, only one person at each stop, sometimes none at all.

For students who are still struggling to find extra parking, take advantage of the Shuttle! The neighborhood of Effie and Cambridge Streets, near Parking Lot Q, is usually full of vacant parking spots. This neighborhood, and others next to it, is available for extra parking. A short walk down Effie Street to the sixth Shuttle Stop can save time from walking across Blackstone to the campus.

Students must still be aware of private driveways, red no-parking zones, handicap zones, restricted lots, and other non-parking areas.

The Shuttle runs from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and again from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. for night class students. The Shuttle will only continue its services until September 4, 2009 so use the Shuttle’s benefits while you still can!