Senate Notes

Story By: Marika Smith, Writer

On March 25 and April 1, the Academic Senate met for their biweekly meetings. Here are a few of the key issues discussed at each meeting.

March 25:

-On May 15 from 11 to 12:15 there will be a mock trial regarding the fairness doctrine.

-Asian American month began April 1.

-If you’re interested in sharing rides to and from campus, check for an easy, effective way to do so.

-Concerns were raised about the prevalence of smoking inside the limitations near building entrances and the amount of littering on campus.

-Commencement will be on May 22. Applications to receive the Dean’s Medallion are online at Fresno City’s website.

-If you wish to view a copy of President Obama’s recovery bill, go to It’s over 400 pages long.

-Fresno City was recommended by the board of governors to prepare for the transition to digital textbooks, text book rentals, and textbook adoption guidelines.

-There was a long discussion about ways to reduce costs of textbooks for students.

April 1:

-On Friday April 17 at 7:30 pm there will be a free piano recital in the recital hall.

-A peace garden has been started in the library’s atrium area.

-A room will be dedicated to the memorabilia of Gary Soto, an author and poet from Fresno who got his start here at Fresno City College.

-On April 16 there will be tours given of the Old Administration Building. Comers will have to wear hard hats for safety reasons.

-Fencing was removed between the business and social sciences building.