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Spring Trends:

Story By: Jemima Romero

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Spring is finally here and that means new spring wardrobe. But don’t get alarmed because you’re about to get the tips on how to update your winter wardrobe without getting rid of the clothes you already have.

You don’t have to spend too much on a new wardrobe; just add some extra key pieces like a floral bag, beaded bangles or a studded belt to your outfit and your ready for spring.

It’s all about wearing the boyfriend baggy and washed looking jeans this season. You can wear them with flats, heels or tennis shoes. We all have those old, washed, and ripped jeans in our closets that we never wear because well…. They’re old, Guess what? They’re are in style this season so take them out and pair them up with a white button up.

Going on a date and wearing a button up shirt is too formal. You can also pair them up with a dressy blouse and a cardigan to add more of a romantic feel.

It’s all about blazers this season. Forever 21 has a variety of colors at very affordable prices. Blazers are good for any occasion this season. Pair it up with a floral dressy blouse, jeans and studded belt and your ready for the movies.

Say goodbye to all the boring colors because it’s all about color this spring. Pinks, orange, yellows and shades of red are what spring is all about. You don’t have to go all out and wear all these colors at the same time we want you to look stylish. All you have to do is add a splash of color to your outfit.

If you have more of a laid back style don’t be alarmed because we also have something for you to look trendy this spring.

Polo shirts are in this season. Add color by buying a Polo or a print Polo. You can also pair it up with a pair of ripped jeans.

Slip on sneakers are also in style this spring; Vans has all kinds of colors and prints. High heels can even be paired with dark, skinny jeans.

Who said fashion was only for girls? We also have some tips to help guys get ready for spring.

Contrast collar shirts and bright plaid shirts is what you want to wear this spring. Pink is not only for girls, pink button ups and pink Polo’s are in too.

If you’re one of those guys walking around campus with a messenger bag, drop the “murse” for a regular backpack. Backpacks are back now, so get one ofr yourself.

The perfect clean outfit for this spring is cuffed shorts with a v-neck beach sweater. V-neck shirts are also in style too; pair them up with jeans and men sandals.

White skinny jeans are also in this season. For more of a hard rocker look pair them up with a graphic tee.

Fashion is all about individuality remember to add some of it to your spring wardrobe.

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Spring Trends: