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    How to ace you final

    Like most college students, Johnny Smith lived in the library during the

    entire week of final exams. For three days, he never left the library; he studied for

    his English exam and then for math, history, and finally Psychology. Smith knew

    the finals would cover all the material discussed in class throughout the semester.

    When Smith finally took his tests, he felt good because unlike his friends, he

    didn’t cram for the test; instead, he took time to study, going over class notes and

    anything else that would help him pass. Smith’s tireless studying paid off; a

    week later he got his grades back and he passed with three “A’s” and one “B”.

    Finals at Fresno City College are just around the corner, they’re scheduled

    May 12 – May 16, from 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. on most days.

    Math tutor David Gomez said, “Cramming for finals at the last minute is


    Finals is a word college student dread the most; it’s all work and no fun

    during this stressful time.

    Experts agree that students should relax and realize that there are ways to

    ace their finals without pulling out their hair or being strapped to a gurney. The

    bottom line is that while finals aren’t fun, they’re not the end of the world.

    “Waiting for anything at the last minute won’t help you ace anything.”

    Said Retired Sociology professor, Joan Newcomb

    According to, a website that gives students 10 ways

    to pass their final exams, important tips include going over key

    information to refresh memory, listening to your instructors, and quizzing

    yourself, etc…

    Students can also go to for additional information on how to study for finals.

    Each student works at a different level and has a different way of studying.

    Kindergarten- teaching major, Kalia Green says, “I plan on studying really hard and getting a lot of rest.”

    FCC student Amy Loza suggested students should start study groups. “Study groups are fun because if you have any questions, someone has the answer. Youcan quiz each other and keep each other on track,” Said Loza

    According to Computer Science/Mathematics instructor, Gregory Jaimson,

    students should have started prepping for finals in the beginning of the semester ,

    not the night before they take their exams. He says the night before finals students

    should be resting.

    Susan Holford, Human Services/Sociology instructor says, “for some students it’s too late, so many students don’t go to class.”

    Holford says that some of her students in her classes don’t have the textbook

    because they don’t have the funds. Without the proper books to study with,

    chances of you passing your exams are low.

    Newcomb says that if students wait until the last minute to study for their

    tests, the chances of passing their exams are statistically low.

    Newcomb advises those who wait until the last minute to study should read

    the material, take it one chapter at a time, but don’t try to read the entire textbook.

    “Take a break, then get back to it,” advises Newcomb.

    But FCC Psychological Intern /Trainees John Carter and Bob Bates advise

    students to do otherwise. The benefits of cramming are low, according to Bates.

    “The brain takes only so much information,” stated Carter.

    According to Carter the best thing to do, is find out what works for you,

    whether its music, exercise or meditation.

    According to Bates, the reason so many students experience high levels of

    Stress during finals week is fear of failing.

    “Every student hopes to get an “A

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