Q&A with Dyson

Story By: Marcell Dilworth

Homer Green: Define Democracy and how Democracy affects African Americans

Dyson: I think Democracy is a set of institutions, practices and behavior that attempt to institutionalize the maximization of freedom in the context of a State.

Democracy is the ability to organize freely without unnatural encumbrance around politics and citizenship.

Latecia ‘Lady Bambay’ Mayle: What role do you think the black media play in uplifting the black community?

Dyson: Historically the black media was important because without the black media we couldn’t get our voices heard.

When you hear the Chicago Dependant, The Pittsburg Currier and the Michigan Chronicle these were important outlets for black people to articulate their vision and to tell the truth that was counter to the major narratives that was either obscured, distorted or ignored us.

Jeff Steele: What are some of the practical things white Americans can do to be our effective allies?

Dyson: Become conscious of the privileges of whiteness; consciously tear down white supremacy; consciously challenge the way in which white identities are made nearly invisible and therefore can’t be dealt with and unmasked.

Finally, join with all people in creating a just society.

Gerald Woods: My white friends believe that they are combating racism by making friends or hanging out around black people, what more can they do to combat racism?

Dyson: Hire black people; make sure that education is fairly and equally distributed and making certain that anti-racism is a way of life like; supporting affirmative action; supporting practices that create greater not lesser justice; and a fairer distribution of resources.

Habeeba Rahman: Do you think that Barack Obama has a chance?

Dyson: Barack Obama has an extraordinary chance to become the nominee of the Democratic Party and then become the President of the United States – there’s no question he has a chance.

Marvin Marshall: What do you think Barack Obama could do to combat the right wing echo chamber?

Dyson: He has to constantly get his message out. He has amazing money. He has raised more money than anybody in the history of this country, in terms of running for office. So, he has got the dough, he just got to use that dough to open up the door.

He has got to expand the possibilities that his view point will be articulated. Once he gets out of this fight with Hillary Clinton, although it is great training for what he has got to do against John McCain.