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    5 Legendary Asian Films: Spanning The Decades

    1.Shaolin Soccer

    2001 Hong Kong

    Trying to inspire people to practice martial arts, Kung Fu master Sing is met with rejection despite various strategies; people don’t believe that his traditional art has anyplace in their lives.

    After witnessing a frustrated Sing kick a beer can with incredible force, ex-soccer star Fung urges him to try soccer.

    After convincing former fellow-students who have moved into various professions to return to their training, Sing forms a team coached by Fung.

    As the team competes in an elite tournament, their skills in martial arts earn them recognition, culminating in a final game pitting Team Shaolin’s traditional martial art training against Team Evil’s steroid enhanced tactics.

    With comedic dance routines to persuade crowds, stadium damaging kicks utilized players, and Tai Chi baking techniques developed by the love interest, this 2001 Hong Kong comedy will be appreciated by anyone who enjoyed Baseketball and Dodgeball.

    2.Kung Fu Hustle

    Hong Kong 2004

    In a city run by axe wielding mobsters only slums are ignored, as the resident don’t have enough money to interest the Axe Gang.

    Pig sty alley is one such neighborhood, until Sing, a luckless wannabe, tries to impersonate the gang leader bringing the anger of the gang on the slum. As residents defend their homes, Sing has to decide which side he really wants to be on.

    This film parodies and acknowledges the aspects of Chinese wuxia genre. Wuxia stories feature skilled martial artists with strong codes of ethics or chivalry.

    In this film it leads to scenes with wire-assisted showdowns between good and evil. Incorporating slapstick humor reminsent of Chuck Avery (including a foot chase that would make Wile E. Coyote proud) this movie is a fun experience.

    3.Battle Royale

    2000 Japan

    At the turn of the millennium, Japanese society began breaking down as unemployment and poverty rose. Disenfranchised, the youth began to rebel, disrespecting authority and ignoring school.

    Afraid of the younger generation, adults pass the Millennium Educational Reform Act – AKA: The BR Act (referred to as the Battle Royale act). The BR Act calls for problem classes to be put in a national lottery.

    The class chosen is taken to a designated site and forced to participate in Battle Royale. As one class embarks on a school trip, they fall asleep on bus.

    When they wake up, they realize they have been collared and forced into Battle Royale by a former teacher. A video explains the situation.

    They are on a deserted island and have three days to win the battle royale. The only way to win is to be the last survivor. If time runs out, and a clear winner isn’t selected; they all lose.

    The movie follows how the students cope with the various situations some attempt to reason with their adult captors, some try to circumvent the trial, others embrace the inhumanity of the situation.

    Not for the squeamish; this movie tackles themes of youth violence, questions of humanity, and motives during extreme stress.

    Dark and graphic at times, this movie handles delicate issues, with care while without being too gory. You’ll like this if you liked Hostel or Saw.

    4.Final Fantasy Advent Children

    2005 Japan

    Advent Children is a full lengthanimated film based on a 1997 play station game Final Fantasy VII. This game is a favorite of many Final Fantasy fans.

    It’s been two years since Sephiroth, a man who nearly succeeded in for world wide destruction, was defeated.

    Three brothers, all flawed clones of Sephiroth, are trying to succeed where the original failed.

    Fans of the game series will appreciate this CGI movie, it expands the already vas world presented in ff7.

    I recommend anyone play the game before watching this as very little of past events are explained but referenced heavily.


    1954 Japan

    A couple of boats being attacked in Tokyo bay is all the warning people have before a towering monster starts attacking small villages on the Japanese coast. Though brief, encounters with the legendary creature Godzilla are marked by widespread destruction and loss of life.

    After researchers study the sites, they determine that the monster is a creature that was exposed to radiation from the atomic bombings of the recent war.

    As further attacks are anticipated, measures are taken to kill the creature but fail.

    A scientist believes he has a method to combat the monster, but is reluctant to allow his current research on oxygen dissolution, fearing that it would be used unethically as a weapon against people once the creature was stopped.

    Godzilla is an iconic monster that spawned a genre of giant monster movies and this movie is the one that started it all. Do yourself a favor and find the original instead of the Americanized release.

    The movie plays on fears of (then) recent atomic bombings and questions the ethical applications of technology.

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