State of the School

Story By: Edward Ortiz

A new year has just begun, but before we move forward towards the future, we must look back into the past.

“[Fresno City College] had strong successes,” stated Dr. Ned Doffoney.

During 2007, construction finally began on the Fresno City Community College’s Old Administration Building. When Bond Measure E passed it provided $30 million to restore the historical site. When completed the building will provide additional classroom space.

“The construction on the OAB was a huge step in 2007,” stated Public Information Officer, Kathy Bonilla.

Also, the college received a much needed accreditation. According to Bonilla, Dr.Doffoney did a great job in keeping a momentum going after the college’s successful accreditation. The president said he made sure the campus was in good shape throughout 2007 and was delighted all recommendations were met.

And most of us can’t forget that we almost had a presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, visit our campus. Officials said the communication flaws that prevented her appearance have now been rectified. “It was a bump in the road,” said Dr. Doffoney.

Dean of Instruction, Tony Cantu, described the past year as “successful” and foresees an even more triumphant 2008 academic year.

However, a good year is never without its share of tragedy. “We lost some people in 2007, that’s always difficult,” replied Dr.Doffoney “That was a low-light of last year.”

According to Dr.Doffoney the main focus in 2008 will be student learning. “Getting the word at is always a challenge,” said Bonilla.

Bonilla said 2007 was a good year and looks forward to future campus events. She said the college had a wonderful year in athletics with both the men’s basketball team and wrestling squad won state championships.

The Arts Department produced great plays for the community to see and the Music Department’s choir performed wonderful concerts throughout the year. Also, our band of Jazz composers, led by Mike Dana, rocked Fresno State and local venues.

The declining economy and upcoming presidential election will have a significant impact on students this year, stated Bonilla.

She predicts the possibility of fewer students attending FCC as the economy slopes downward. During 2008, Bonilla will continue to be a spokesperson for FCC.

According to Tony Cantu seeing so many faculty members involved in outside interests was a highlight in 2007. “It gives FCC visibility,” he said.

In addition to Cantu’s praise with staff involvement last year, Cantu is also pleased with Associated Student Government’s performance in 2007 and seeing new faculty members grace FCC was a highlight in 2007. “2008 will be exciting” stated Cantu

From campus growth to working on student initiatives, Cantu is excited to see these things take place this year. “I plan on using all my vacation dates,” he said jokingly.

According to Cantu he will continue to work hard and be the best employer he can be. The previous year ended on a high note and accolades. However, school officials are predicting a better year to come. With revitalization of the OAB; overcoming accreditation failures and a wide open national presidential election set to take place with campus possibilities, the new year will be anything but average