Pushing back on Republican thirst for war

Story By: Leah Edwards

Most Americans are suffering from lack of adequate information when it comes to the issues surrounding the war in Iraq.  
 It seems the Iraqi government simply can not solve their own problems. This is why most of the leaders of the Democratic Party are trying to force the Iraqi government to stand on their own by advocating pulling out of Iraq.
Sen. John Kerry D- Mass said in a debate with Sen. John McCain on NBC’s Meet the Press,” If we don’t begin to change the equation where Iraqis have the ability to now just to rest on American presence and make no decisions, nothing is going to happen.” Americans are doing all the hard work that the Iraqi government should be doing for themselves. 
 There are three primary factions that live in Iraq which are the Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish people. The Sunnis were once the ruling faction under Saddam Hussein. They ruled with an Iron fist.
The Sunni and the Shiite have been warring with each other for over 200 years like the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s.
 In order for the Sunni and Shiite to come to some form of reconciliation, change will have to come from within the warring faction. Iraq is a country that is in desperate need of leaders who happen to be more along the lines of Gandhi or Martin Luther King and not like those who use the Rhetoric of revenge to unite them.  
The two warring faction in Iraq have to figure out a way to get over their hate for each other. A perfect example of how it is done is the story of John Bul Dau.
John Bul Dau came to Fresno City College and spoke about his horrible life as a child in the war torn Southern Sadden, Africa.
Bul Dau talked about how the Northern Sudanese military invaded his village and performed ethnic cleansing.
 He was blessed to survive some of the worst forms of inhumane conditions while escaping a government that wanted to remove his tribe from that region by any means. Unfortunately, ethnic cleansing is far too common in war torn countries like Africa and the Middle East.     
 Bul Dau, a Christian, said he forgave the murderous Sudanese government because he understood that if he did not forgive the Arabs he would be held hostage by his hate for those who wronged him and his tribe. 
 The warring factions in Iraq are too busy doing God’s work for him. They are not like most Americans who would rather live the American dream instead of endless wars.
 “I say let the revenge be for the lord, let God take care of that,” said Bul Dau.
Many Americans who supported the war in Iraq didn’t think that the war would last as long as it has.
Now the best of our best that fight in the military are being killed, wounded or are suffering from mental conditions because of the mass marketing for a war that helped grow the Republican majority in 2002.the`+
Many Conservatives like to see America as a Christian county. I challenge you Christian Conservatives to explain to us why God wants America to continue creating refugees and causing mass murders of innocent people in a country that had nothing to do with Sept. 11th.     
In the 2000 election, many Conservatives clamed to be bringing honesty and integrity back to the White house, while they voted for one of the worst liars in the history of the U.S.
I can remember hearing and watching them on television and on the radio spinning the talking points that they get from their favorite blind faith Conservative loyalist who spew their hate for the Democratic Party based on emotion, not logic.
CLAIM: Evidence indicates that Iraq is reconstituting its nuclear weapons program. Iraq could have a nuclear weapon in less than a year. – President Bush, 10/7/02
CLAIM: “Saddam is actively pursuing nuclear weapons at this time.”- VP Cheney, 3/24/02
 CLAIM: “We know where the WMDs are.” -Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, 3/30/03
 FACT: Kay: No evidence Iraq stockpiled WMDs- Bush Administration Weapons Inspector David Kay, 10/2/03
CLAIM: The war could last six days, six weeks. I doubt six months. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld 2/7/03
 Conservatives have been blindly following the Bush administration’s lead regardless if it was good for the country or not. Why should we believe them anymore?       
 Don’t forget the most convincing evidence shown to the world by Colon Powel at the United Nations that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and posed an imminent threat.
Powell told Barbara Walters that he feels “terrible” about the claims he made in that now-infamous address — assertions that later proved to be false.
I am willing to bet that most of Fresno City College’s students were in junior high or high school when all of that transpired.
Like Jinhow Long who is a sophomore majoring in auto mechanics, who says that he believes the war in Iraq is about world power, “I think President Bush attacked Iraq because America is trying to gain more power,”
Both freshmen Pheaktra Sim an automotive tech. and Sokphen Sam, radiology student agree with Long’s opinion.      
In 2006, the Republican Party lost their majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives by creating the situation that we are dealing with today.
Bush and the Neo-Conservatives were saying ” stay the course” while the Democratic Party came with a two-prong approach by pointing out the culture of corruption in the Republican majority and effectively refuting Bush’s assertion that we were winning the war in Iraq.
President Bush and his Conservative supporters are now trying to accomplish a new goal by using the same type of manipulation they have used in the past
 Sen. John McCain R-AZ. was one of the leaders who convinced the president to send more troops to Iraq in a strategy that they call “The Serge” said on “Meet the Press.” Recently the former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s strategy was doomed for failure.
“We had to adopt the strategy that we’ve now adopted. And it is now succeeding,” said McCain.
He went on to do what most honest Conservatives do by blending a fallacy with a fact and manipulating the two for their political gain.” Either go back to the previous failed strategy, which some Democrats want to do, or set a date to pull out.”
Republicans want to try and convince voters that the Democratic Party wants to pull out 100% of the troops in Iraq, leaving the country to genocide or chaos.
This is why I consider the White House and their supporters as the worse liars in the history of the U.S. because the assertion is not true.
All politicos manipulate the truth, but this is one of the worst forms of manipulation since Richard Nixon’s resignation.
The sad thing is that they have convinced many Christian Conservatives to agree with their perspective.