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Story By: Tomas Kassahun

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The Fresno City College Track and Field team continues to put up strong marks in several events.

At the American River Invitational meet, Miguel Quinn ran the 100 meter with a personal best of 10.56. “It’s only my 3rd time running. I surprised myself by placing 4th. I should of won, I believe, but everybody wants to win,” said Quinn who continues a strong season.

Earlier in the season, Quinn finished second in the 200 m at the Jack Albiani Invitational. In the same meet, he finished second in the 100 meter. He was also part of the relay teams that finished first at the Jack Albiani Invitational and fourth at the American River Invitational.

Another athlete that continues to build on a strong season is freshman Willy Irwin.  This season, Irwin has recorded four first place finishes in the shot put and two first place finishes in the discus throw.  Irwin also finished second in the discus throw at the Santa Barbara Easter Relays.

Sprinter Michael Staab had his best performance of the season in the 400 m hurdle at the Delta Mustang Invitational.  He finished first with a time of 55.97. Staab’s other strong performances of the season include a second place finish in the high jump relay at the American River College Beaver Relays and a jump of 2.06 m at the Run for the Dream meet.

On the women’s side, the pole vault team has made a large contribution to the success of the team. At the Jack Albiani Invitational, Rebekah Morrison and Claudia Morrison finished second and third respectively. Karissa Bell also finished third at the Jack Albiani Invitational and third once again at the American River Invitational.

In throwing events, Pilar Becerra has emerged as one of the top performers. Becerra was first in the Javelin throw at the Raydell Barkley Relays and at the Jack Albiani Invitational. “I am very surprised on how well I’ve performed. After two left knee surgeries I didn’t expect to do much. Recovery has been hard,” said Becerra who is ranked 2nd in the state.

She gives the credit to hard work and strong faith. Equipped with Christian hip-hop on her iPod, Becerra starts her day with a trip to the gym at 5 a.m., a mile run and some running on the stairs. “When I get on the run-way I pray before I throw and tell God that He is in control. When it’s my turn to throw, I look up at the sky and say this is for you Lord,” said Becerra. “When I do good, I give God all the glory. When I don’t perform well I work harder so that I can continue to share that light.”

Becerra says her goal for the rest of the season is to have fun and work as hard as possible. “I want to be able to look back and say I did all I could,” said Becerra. “Whether I continue to do well or even if things turn around, I’ll always work hard to get that number one for Jesus, that spotlight he deserves.”

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Staying On Track