True love is built from broken pieces

True love is built from broken pieces

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Trust is fragile, it is like glass.

As I observe Bill Meek’s artwork called, “Starfire Tower”, I compare it to relationships and trust.

Once it is broken, it is difficult to put back together the pieces in order to form the piece again.

If we attempt to put back the pieces, we might cut ourselves.

For instance, we may start to form the glass vase again only to find out that the pieces do not fit.

My ex-boyfriend and I have attempted to put the pieces back together many times.

We run back to each other because of the sensation we feel when we are with each other.

However, as the relationship runs it course, we notice the cracks in our vase.

We see the reasons why we broke up.

I believe the basis for which couples break up is due to the loss of trust.

We lose trust that our partner will be faithful to us. We lose trust that our partner will provide for us — financially and emotionally.

When we try to get back with our exes, we focus too much on recreating the same piece.

No matter how hard we try, the vase will never go back to its previous form.

Instead of creating the same art work, we should chip off the pieces of the relationship that did not work, refine the glass and create a new piece.

Meek did with his artwork.

If you find yourself wanting to get back with your ex you have to treat the relationship like a new one.

You have to create a new piece of art.

What I have learned is that you cannot build the vase from broken pieces and expect it to be the same. Even if you could, why would you want to create the same relationship again?

I am not saying that all exes should run back to each other, but I do feel that it is possible to have trust between ex couples.

To have a new vase, you have to use new material.

If both partners go into the relationship with the same habits and mentality, then the ending will be the same.

Often times, it is easier said than done.

It is hard to let go of past memories. It is like we are scared to love again.

But this will happen even with another partner. We will carry those broken pieces into another relationship.

Osvaldo Acosta, a life coach, once explained to me that at the beginning of a relationship we love with 100 percent of our heart.

However, once we are hurt, we think that if we only love with 50 percent of our heart, it will not get hurt as much the next time around.

But we end up getting hurt just as much.

We have to give our relationship our full attention. We should not be afraid of love.

If you are starting a relationship, transform your broken pieces into a masterpiece.