Sexploration with Troy and Lauren


Story By: Lauren Baker, Artistic Director

The Straight Perspective

There are many aspects one should take into account as a woman, both in personal and circumstantial aspects, when considering sleeping with an ex-boyfriend.

For starters, any man that has any ounce of respect for you will not try to convince you to have sex “for old times’ sake.” Any woman who holds herself in high regard and both loves and respects herself wouldn’t indulge a man who only sees her as a “quick lay.”

Any basic psychology class will tell you that the nature of a break-up will dictate the manner of the post-relationship.

That being said, if he was a total jerk that wasted your time and your affections, then you should definitely reconsider this venture.

You teach people how to treat you, regardless of who it is, and you should hold yourself to a higher standard than an easy lay or a rebound.

It really all comes down to personal circumstance, the nature of the break-up itself, and if you were able to maintain a friendship afterwards.

If you feel that there are still avenues to be explored with this person, then you owe it to yourself to pursue it.

There’s nothing wrong with post-relationship sex so long as you and your partner are on the same wavelength and you can handle it as a potential one-night stand.

More likely than not, these situations are flings, or elongated “friends-with-benefits” situations. Whether or not you can handle this type of situation is dependant on you and what you know you can handle.

But, if you feel like there is still something between you and this ex, something that could possibly blossom into a new relationship, then by all means have your ex-sex.

I would still strongly suggest trying to rebuild the relationship and get to know each other again before jumping into bed (if that is indeed the goal in mind).

In the end, all that matters is that you know who you are and what you want.

Don’t let a blast from the past cloud your judgement if you know in your heart of hearts it isn’t for you.