Sexploration with Troy and Lauren


Story By: Lauren Baker, Art Director

“Can you tell someone’s sexual behavior based on how they appear or interact?”

The Straight Perspective:

There are many things you notice in a person you’re attracted to when you first meet them, be it their smile, the clothes they wear or the way they carry themselves. Eventually, you go on that first date and you get to know them a little more and get to see the things that make them tick.

That being said, can you apply this to sex? Can one really know what a person is like in bed based on one’s personality? In many ways no, but there are various instances where the latter can be true.

For instance, it’s a common cliche that a girl that comes off as timid or shy is likely to be a “closet freak,” someone that is so wound up that all her sexual impulses just explode (for lack of a better, yet appropriate term) on the first fellow that happens to strike her whimsy.

I find, more often than not, that many girls on the mellow end of the spectrum tend to translate this into their sex lives as well. Many would opt for love-making as opposed to a “rigorous romp.”  That’s not to say that reserved women wouldn’t appreciate a night of “carnage,”  it’s simply a matter of personal preference at the the end of the day.

When it comes to men, the cliche is that their main goal is to have sex. And it is cliche for a reason. But that’s not to say that all men fall under this category; there  are men out there that look for more in a woman than her sexual prowess and how much she’ll let him do.

Can one find the tell-tale quirks that would suggest one’s sexual tendencies? Very much so. Look at the way they carry themselves, as well as the things they’re passionate about (or lack thereof). Men with passion will often take that with them to the bedroom, varying between intensity and sexual aggression.

Men lacking passion or any sense of positive direction will more often than not be more passive, and in some cases, can also be more on the aggressive side.

If you’re seeing someone with qualities that are less than you would prefer, you should probably reconsider the situation. If the guy is coming off as a jerk on this first date, the question of his sexual stamina should not even be on your radar.

Look at other aspects as well, like attentiveness. A man that takes care of you and goes out of his way to make you happy during the day will be just as attentive with (and to) you at night.

Sex can be more than one crazy night; it’s also a wonderful bonding experience between two people that care for one another. Regardless of his sensual style, at the end of the day what matters most is that you reserve that kind of intimacy for a man that truly deserves it.