New VP Works to Propel ASG Forward


Photo by: Hannah Lanier

ASG Vice President Armando Garcia, Right, points to clarify to President DeRon Walker, left, at their weekly meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019 in the FCC Senate Chambers.

The recently appointed Associated Student Government Vice President proved he was taking his position seriously in the organization’s weekly meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019.

“My role is to do any work delegated to me by the president — train the senators, I am the disciplinary of the office,” Armando Garcia said, although he has taken on more than just his own responsibilities.

Garcia’s commitment to ASG shows in his actions during each meeting.

ASG President DeRon Walker is in charge, but Garcia is by his side always, helping and taking on more responsibility.

Garcia frequently makes many clarifications to keep members on topic as well as to remind them of rules that are sometimes forgotten.

While all members are active in their roles, Garcia will take on the roles of others when needed.

This includes covering for communications officer Ruby Kaur, who was absent for Tuesday’s meeting. Garcia had to keep careful track of the minutes between each agenda item.

“I want a future for my kids, my peers and their kids,” Garcia said. “I want to freely help them.” His passion for ASG includes helping others to gain that passion as well.

Despite his limited experience as a member of the ASG, his knowledge of the student government allows him to train new senators while going through training himself. “It’s continuous, it’s never ending,” he says.

Since the fall semester of 2019 started, eight new members have joined the ASG, Including Senators Noemi Nava, Elizabeth Harris, Itzel Reyes, Andrew Derfelt, Camila Rivera, Carrie Garcia, Pahal and Comm Officer Ruby Kaur who all will be trained by Vice President Garcia.

Before being sworn in during the Oct. 22 meeting, Rivera lauded the leadership skills she has gained from being president of the Democrats club as well as her contribution with the United States Against Sweatshops Coalition.

“I think it’s important for young people to take a stand,” Rivera said during her presentation on why she should be appointed.

Derfelt said he was previously in the Navy where he learned teamwork and communicating with others which would qualify him as a reliable member of ASG.

The number of ASG members has grown to a full table within the two and a half months of the semester, allowing for more office hours.

The new senators are also offering to fill committee chairs that have been vacant and will volunteer for the ASG-run events around campus.

With Vice President Garcia taking the new members under his wing, the senators will be taught how to further advance ASG and the campus with policies, their constitution, the Brown Act and how to write bills.