ASG: Here’s What It’s All About

The school year has begun: parking is frustrating, classes are filling up, clubs are recruiting, and the Associated Student Government is trying to take care of it all. 

Stating the year with a new team, active ASG President DeRon Walker feels confident with the people that he has now but is eager to gain new members.

As for the ASG advisor, Ernie Marinez, “This is the strongest ASG I’ve seen so far.”

With that said, here is a need-to-know about your fall 2019 ASG.

What is Associated Student Government?

ASG is a student led council that governs the Fresno City College student body. They discuss everything from social outreach events to club funding. ASG continually works to attain student’s needs and wants. 

ASG senators are elected by the student body, similarly to the city council or any other democratically elected body. 

“It is the voice of the students,” said President Walker. “We are the connection between students and faculty. Any problems that they [students] have they can come and tell us and we can express them in a proper and professional manner to our faculty and staff.”

Why is ASG important? How does it affect me as a student?

“Without any student representation, the board meetings are still going to happen, with student representation student’s opinions and concerns can be addressed at these meetings,” said President Walker.

ASG Senator Garcia explained the key roll that ASG plays in advocating for the success of the college, specifically the success of the students, “We can work to build something for ourselves while ensuring the future [of the college] for our children.”

How can I get involved with Associated Student Government?

“Come grab an application from our ASG office and fill it out. The requirements will be listed on the application, bring it down and we will see where you best fit in,” said Walker. 

“We are looking to increase our numbers of involvement,” explained Walker expressing that they need a decent sized staff in order to keep their office open for an appropriate amount of hours a day. “There are only seven of us, including myself. Even if each of us dedicated an hour a day, that still wouldn’t be enough,” said the president. 

What is currenting going on in Associated Student Government? 

According to President Walker, ASG is still getting organized for the semester: Figuring out their budget, office hours, supplies they need to best accommodate students, and the event schedule for the semester. 

ASG will continue to provide FCC students with various accommodations; from a microwave to free scantrons to those who provide an Associated Student Body I.D.