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Is Ratcliffe Stadium Safre

Photo by: Michael Lin
Fresno City College students and staff raise concern about Ratcliffe Stadium not fully complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Photo taken on May 2, 2024

Faculty and staff have raised concerns about Ratcliffe Stadium not fully complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They are concerned that steps are not being taken to make the stadium compliant with the law.

Currently, seating for wheelchair users is only available on the visitor’s side of the stadium, not the home side.

Omar Gutierrez, FCC vice president of Administrative Services, said the college is aware that the stadium is not ADA compliant and that it will likely take a bond measure with voter support to generate the funds to make the needed improvements.

“We will definitely need community input and community assistance in order to do something like this. An input from the perspective of what does the community want from their stadium here,” Gutierrez said.

The stadium was opened on Oct. 9, 1926. In 1942 it was renovated and seats were added.

Derrick Johnson, the associate dean of athletics, said he is used to athletic facilities being overlooked.

”In my opinion, athletic facilities are not just important to the athletic department but they are important to our institution too,” Johnson said.

Johnson advocates that the stadium should be viewed as an extended classroom due to its widespread usage and importance in campus life.

“One can’t argue that the athletic facilities aren’t part of a focal point of this college because we utilize them so much and they are so over-utilized in some instances that some of our auxiliary services can’t keep up with the usage,” Johnson said.

Emily Rand, an athletic trainer at FCC, said that prior to COVID-19 there had been talks about addressing the ADA issue.

“If COVID-19 did not happen we might be further along in the process, but I know with redoing our stadium, it’s going to cost a lot. Everyone wants it to happen,” Rand said.

Rand explains that while the track and field facilities in the stadium are among several things requiring renewal, prioritizing ADA compliance may bring more attention as the stadium hosts events and classes.

“For someone who is handicapped, there’s no wheelchair easy access and the track is atrocious,” Rand said.

Gutierrez does understand that FCC uses athletic facilities and primarily the stadium to host events.

“Last year for example, we had the graduation, our main graduation last year. So, things of that nature in having that stadium be the home of something like this. I think that would be very impactful,” Gutierrez said.

Johnson said he believes all athletic facilities should be accessible to everyone.

“All of our athletic facilities are considered classrooms because when we schedule classes, no matter what sport, PE, athletics, health, CPR, first aid, we use all of our athletic facilities in giving instruction for those particular sports, programs, and the police program,” Johnson said.

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