FCC Everywhere Brings College to Fresno Neighborhoods


Photo by: Joanna Murrieta

Counselors assist students at Sunnyside High school during the FCC Everywhere registration event held on Aug. 20.

Fresno City College’s launched “FCC Everywhere,” on Aug. 13 a new program designed to expand college courses to all areas of Fresno.

FCC president Carole Goldsmith, said the college is just starting classes in the West Fresno satellite campus across from Gaston Middle school — areas already approved for expansion. The new campus facility is expected to be completed in two years.

“We’re the fifth largest city in the state of California, we need to act like it,” Goldsmith said. “One way to do that is to make sure education is available for everybody.”

The program will be offered at Fresno Pacific University, as well as Sunnyside and Edison High. These “Neighborhood Campuses” were chosen because of their appeal to residents in local neighborhoods.

Emilee Slater, director of college relations, coordinated the registration events at the different campuses. Slater said the goal of FCC Everywhere is to serve all students, especially those who have a hard time attending FCC because of a lack of available classes, or transportation issues.

The courses are open to the public. Attending these campuses will be the same as being enrolled in a course on the FCC campus.

Dual enrollment is offered for high school students that want to get ahead. Through the High School Enrichment Program, they can take their regular scheduled classes and also take college classes for free.

Slater states that the use of these campuses to further FCC courses is smart because they are using resources that already exist.

“There are so many students, but there are so many staff, services, and programs that finding space on this campus is really difficult,” Slater said.

Counselors will be present during the first two weeks of instruction for students with questions or who need further assistance, Slater said.

A few common classes include course in English, Communications, Counseling, Human resources, and Intro to Health careers, and Business.

A more detailed list can be found at the FCC website.