Meet the ASG Election Candidates


Photo by: Tasha Turner

Angela Van Gilder (left), running for a vice president, and Christopher Washington, running for president, speak to students in the Student Lounge on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.

The Associated Student Government candidates spoke to students on April 18 in the student lounge, ahead of the ASG elections, which will take place April 24 through 26.

ASG elections commissioner Shirley Ly asked each of the candidates, who are each ASG senators, the same questions and gave each candidate a opportunity to explain why he or she is qualified.

Christopher Washington, who is running for ASG president, says his hard work and determination has given him the opportunity to lead students.

Angela Van Gilder and Alexandria Benn are both running for vice president.

Gilder has a desire to make a difference in people’s lives, she said. She wants to encourage students to grow and have a voice in themselves. Benn said she wants to also give students a voice.

Benn says some students are being overlooked and she herself feels like one of those students. In order to fight this issue, she said she is taking action into her own hands by running for vice president.

Washington says his ability to speak up for people who are not able to speak for themselves led him to run for the president position.

“I think that advocatism is an important part of our lives,” Washington said. “When we advocate for others, we are allowing ourselves to speak about the things that even we ourselves don’t feel comfortable speaking about: we are not just advocating for ourselves, we are advocating for everybody.”

Gilder said she wants to make the Fresno City College campus a better community for the students. She has made it her goal to make a positive change in FCC.

Gilder had to fight for her rights with her service dog and she said she doesn’t want other people to be in the position she was in.

“I want to help this campus feel like we are a family of students,” she said. “I want everyone to feel like we can talk to each other and for everyone to feel comfortable enough to ask for help and also receive that help.”

Benn says the most important thing to her is being able to empathize with other people. It’s one of the main reasons why she wants to be the students’ vice president.

Photo by: Tasha Turner
Alexandria Benn, running for vice president, speaking to students in the Student Lounge on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Benn said joining ASG was the best decision in her life. Before ASG, she felt like her voice wasn’t being heard.

“ASG helped me realize the power I have in my hands,” Benn said. “Everyone should recognize the power that they have because you don’t want to end up being a follower for the rest of your life.”

“I have a dream for FCC and I believe I have the ability to help the students,” Benn said.

“Everyone here wants to be an advocate for the students,” Gilder said. “We each have our own way of contributing to the students.”

Carlos Rodriguez, running for trustee, and Nathaniel Phillipps, running for senator, are also candidates. However, neither showed up to speak to students.

Voting takes place on April 24 through the 26. All voting will be happening online and every student will receive an email containing an electronic ballot.