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Alyssa Garza, Reporter

August 21, 2014

Alyssa Garza is your ordinary twenty year old girl, currently enrolled at Fresno City College she’s furthering her education hoping to receive her Associates Degree in Journalism. Coming from a town called Fresno, CA she was the kind of girl who was open-minded, honest, and up front with anyone of... Read more »

Jordan Russell, Editor-in-Chief

January 27, 2014

Jordan Russell is preparing to complete her final semester at Fresno City College. Jordan has been a part of the Rampage staff since her first semester at FCC in 2011, and spent three semesters as the newspaper’s copy chief before taking the position of editor-in-chief. After many semesters of... Read more »

Kaitlin Regan, Editor-in-Chief

Fall_2013_Staff_Kaitlin_Front (2)

January 26, 2014

Follow @K_C_Regan // Kaitlin Coleen Regan is the Managing Editor for the Fresno City College Rampage. She is originally from Orange County, Calif. and is 22 years old. Her passion for journalism was brought about by having stumbled upon the class at Orange Coast College. Originally wanting to embrace... Read more »

Sydney Excinia, Business Manager


January 25, 2014

Follow @MissSydneyMonet // Sydney Monet Excinia was born and raised in Fresno, Cali. The eldest of three children, she quickly realized how her role as a “bigger sister” would play in her professional life. Sydney is currently a full-time student at Fresno City College, enjoying the many aspects... Read more »

Victor Aparicio, Production Manager

January 24, 2014

Follow @victorkid // Victor Aparicio is a fourth-semester photography major student here at Fresno City College. He has been a member of The Rampage for a year and a half, previously as Asst. Production Manager and interim Opinion Editor. He also won an honorable mention for ‘Bring-In Ad’... Read more »

Patrick Forrest, News Editor, Production Manager


January 23, 2014

Follow @forrestp8 // Patrick is in his fifth semester at Fresno City College and at the Rampage. He was born Feb. 5, 1994 and raised in Chicago his entire life until moving out to Fresno just before starting college. He has begun to enjoy California since being out here, but is still very often looking... Read more »

Lauren Baker, Managing Editor, A&E Editor, Art Director

January 22, 2014

Follow @elBthehero // Lauren Baker is a former Art major now concentrating on a career in Journalism. She has been a staff member of the FCC Rampage for 3 consecutive semesters, currently serving as the Art Director, as well as the A&E Editor. Her work typically revolves around editorial cartoons... Read more »

Kevynn Gomez, Opinion Editor

Photo by Ramiro Gudino. Kevyyn Gomez.

January 21, 2014

Kevynn Gomez attends Fresno City College where she works as a reporter, photographer and the print opinion editor for the Rampage newspaper. A lower division transfer from Notre Dame de Namur University, she is finishing her general education requirements at Fresno City College and hopes to attend San... Read more »

Keaundrey Clark, Sports Editor

January 20, 2014

Keaundrey Slocum is a 19 year old First Year Student at Fresno City from Fresno Ca. His Major is Journalism. This is his First Semester writing for the Rampage. He went to Sunnyside high school, played football, basketball, and ran track. He likes to read books and write stories.Watch tv shows like The... Read more »

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