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February 27, 2015

Keaundrey is in his fifth semester at Fresno City College and at the Rampage. He’s been the sports editor for a year. He was born January 10, 1993 and raised in Fresno his entire life. He’s a Journalism Major and hopes to continue as a sports journalist after cvollege  Read More →

Chad Armbruster — Reporter


January 22, 2015

Chad Armbruster is a returning student at Fresno City College and the Rampage newspaper. Chad is double majoring in journalism and business management. He works part time, and is also a part time student, with only one class this semester being the Rampage. He currently holds a C.N.A certificate, anger... Read more »

Kathya Castro — Reporter


January 19, 2015

Kathya is a driven young 18 year old girl with big city dreams. One can say that her passion to succeed is so immensely big that you could sense it from miles away. Anybody who has had the pleasure of meeting Kathya can see that this girl is going to do big things in life. She is a student at Fresno... Read more »

Darryl Jones — Reporter


January 17, 2015

Darryl Jones is 33 years old and is an English/Journalism major at Fresno City College.  Darryl was born in Alabama, but moved out to California when he was 5 years old. He grew up in Clovis and attended Clovis Unified Schools until his graduation in 2000. He spent years working various jobs and touring... Read more »

Corey Parsley — Multimedia Journalist


January 17, 2015

Corey R. Parsley was born and raised in Fresno, California. He is 23 years-old and is majoring in Mass Communication and Multimedia. Corey has many interests such as, creative writing, movies, video games, and filmography. Ever since Corey was born he has had a slight optical disability called Motor... Read more »

Caleb Owens-Garrett — Reporter


January 17, 2015

Hello ladies and gents and all you non-identifying folks! I am Caleb Owens-Garrett and I am eighteen years old. I currently reside in Sanger, California and attend Fresno City College. I have resided in the Central Valley all of my life. In the future, I hope to transfer to Humboldt State, San Francisco... Read more »

Ceasia Green — Reporter


January 17, 2015

Ceasia Green is an honest and clever person. She enjoys writing, drawing or anything that may be considered art. Ceasia is well known for helping others who are in need and she is also known for giving her best at everything she does, with the occasional slip ups. Ceasia is 18, and she was born in Fresno,... Read more »

Daisy Rodriguez — Photo Editor


January 17, 2015

Born in Salinas, California, Daisy Rodriguez is majoring in journalism and will proceed to major in visual communications. She is a photographer of both digital and black/white film, has won first and second place awards at the Fresno Fair Grounds in the junior exhibit for straight/classic photography,... Read more »

Angela Tuttle — Reporter


January 16, 2015

Angela Tuttle is 20 years old and was raised in a small town west of Fresno called Tranquility. Tranquility is a tiny farm town with only 500 people and not much to do. She grew up with a passion for writing and spent a lot of her time writing or reading while other kids were out playing. She has wanted... Read more »

Alex Aurora Bobadilla — Reporter


January 16, 2015

Alexandra Aurora Bobadilla is a student at Fresno City College. Born in Fresno, California, March 1995. Her single mother, Aurora Torres, influenced hard work and dedication growing up, although she knew her daughters education would take longer than normal, she supported her. Alex struggles with reading... Read more »

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