The Rampage Online

Are You the Real You Online?

Are You the Real You Online?

Story By: Natalie Gallegos, Reporter

February 13, 2020

Social media can only capture a small glimpse of our lives, that we make out to seem picture perfect and in a way, it’s like we’re living a double life. The negative parts of our lives are often hidden from social media and are replaced with happy moments and selfies.  We often appear to b...

We’re All Jealous of Social Media Millionaires, but Should we Be?

Story By: Avery Johnston, Reporter

October 9, 2019

I will admit, I’m a little jealous- but I shouldn’t be.  Everywhere I look I see social media influencers making copious amounts of money from making YouTube videos or taking pictures of themselves.  At first I was mad--and then I just got jealous.  Growing up, I was always taught that you go to sc...

Twitch > YouTube

A screenshot of the Twitch logo.

Story By: Kellie Clark, Reporter

March 29, 2019

In today's age, jobs are offered both in person and online. Most students tend to go the online route because it is more relaxed and works really well with their schedule unlike most jobs. Some of the top online opportunities that the internet has to offer are YouTube, a video uploading site that allows...

Pro/Con: F#$%k Social Media

Story By: Peter Lopez, Entertainment Editor

March 29, 2019

F##k social media. F##k our phones. And f##k the opinions and justification of others. It’s time to take our lives back and appreciate our own personal worth. According to the Pew Research Center, with regard to personal identity issues, “self-promotion . . . propaganda and pressures to conform...

John McCain, and the Failures of the Death Discourse Online

Story By: Tommy Tribble, Editor-in-Chief

August 29, 2018

John McCain passed away in his home from complications of brain cancer, the New York Times reported on Thursday, Aug. 24. He was 81. That McCain was a POW, a war hero, and a politician with a reputation for integrity and non partisanship doesn’t really need to be said. That this reputation was largely...

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