We’re All Jealous of Social Media Millionaires, but Should we Be?

Story By: Avery Johnston, Reporter

I will admit, I’m a little jealous- but I shouldn’t be. 

Everywhere I look I see social media influencers making copious amounts of money from making YouTube videos or taking pictures of themselves. 

At first I was mad–and then I just got jealous. 

Growing up, I was always taught that you go to school and then get a job. A nine to five at the office is not the most appealing kind of career compared to being an influencer.

But somehow, today, people are finding new ways around that. 

With the rise of social media came new jobs. 

A famous YouTuber or social media influencer can actually make millions of dollars right from their home. 

So how did the workforce become second class to social media?

The more I ask myself that question, the clearer the answer becomes. This generation is what is fueling the growth of social media and the platforms that these “random” people have that turns them into millionaires almost overnight.

Although it is not the old school idea of entrepreneuring, what these people are doing on the apps like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine. is infact a form of entrepreneuring. 

Even though many are on the same apps, they are still able to sell their individual lines of clothing and merchandise to a mass number of people. I used to hate the idea of having all these platforms- but it’s actually helping young adults become entrepreneurs in a way. 

In a way they are managing their own business, which would be themselves, and they have a greater financial risk by doing that, versus having a “normal” job.

Just like any other corporate job, being an influencer is just as competitive, because it is the new fad. 

It looks a lot easier to do than it actually is–and as we all know, looks can be deceiving. 

Influencers need to think about the real world and realize their careers aren’t going to last them forever. These jobs aren’t going to give them social security checks when they are eighty. So many young people think this is the dream career- but we can’t expect this to act as a real job. 

There is also going to be a lot more competition as well. If it’s easy- everyone would do it and everyone will slowly see their followers leave to watch someone newer and better. Influencers will eventually find themselves with nothing left except the wishes that they would have gotten a real job.