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Kris Hall
Kris with a K like Kool-aid is a reporter for the Rampage. Kris is a 21-year-old government journalism major who drives a Prius named Cherryl that he parks half a mile away from campus because he has long given up on trying to find parking. He goes the half mile to class on his longboard Floyd, though he stakes no claim on knowing how to skate. He has three out of the 10 pencils he started his first semester with three years ago in fall 2016.

You can catch him constantly listening  to new music, waiting for NPR to drop the next hot Radiolab podcast, collecting Lennon sunglasses (inspired by his feud with the sun), and connecting with his big family which has spread themselves throughout the central valley.

He works at the Rampage because of his lifelong interest in journalism. It started as he was walking home from school one day. A homeless man started walking beside him and between his unintelligible mutterings, the man said, “man, it’s wild that people across the world can interact with each other so easily.” This train of thought led Kris to think about all the journalists that go out to far away lands. Their work is the reason that we know what’s going on in other countries or other states outside of our little town. The world is a big place with lots of stories playing out together, and journalists are the ones who make it available to cool readers like you. 


Kris Hall, Opinion Editor

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