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Caleb Owens-Garrett
Hello ladies and gents and all you non-identifying folks! I am Caleb Owens-Garrett and I am

eighteen years old. I currently reside in Sanger, California and attend Fresno City College. I

have resided in the Central Valley all of my life. In the future, I hope to transfer to Humboldt

State, San Francisco State or Sacramento State. Icurrently intern for the Gay-Straight Alliance

Network: Central Valley Regional Office in the Tower District. I have been an activist in the

LGBT community for about 4 years now! I have been with the Rampage for one semester. I am

a journalism major and I hope to one day write for the New York Times! I love writing and

reading about local political and social issues within’ our communities. I want to produce great

writings for the readers of the Rampage!

Caleb Owens-Garrett, Reporter

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Caleb Owens-Garrett