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Kamryn Ramirez

Kamryn Ramirez, Reporter

Kamryn Ramirez was born on February 9, 2002. She loves to play soccer and she’s been playing since she was four years old. It was one of her passions and she still holds it up till now.  

She is 19 years old and she loves to follow her dreams. She plans on majoring in business. She is on the road right now to becoming a real estate agent. 

Kamryn is a big family person and does everything she can to make her family happy. Keeping up with college was one of the things that her family really wanted her to do and she’s doing it as we speak. She really feels like she can become something great one day. 

Kamryn was born in Fresno California. She loves to write and she loved the subject of English because it was one of the only subjects that really clicked with her. She absolutely does not like math, that was definitely her least favorite subject in school. 

Ramirez did feel like journalism would be a perfect subject for her because it does include a lot of writing and she loves to improve her writing skills since that’s all she was passionate about in English.  

She was also in a yearbook class and with that, she had to go around taking a lot of pictures and help writing the yearbook which did include the skills she’s using today. 

Ramirez does feel like this class will really help her in many ways and will help improve her skills as being more open and controversial.

 As far as taking journalism, she did feel it would be hard but by the looks of it the more she improves the better she gets and that’s what she’s looking forward to. 

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Kamryn Ramirez