Fresno City College’s Library Reopens its Doors for In-person Services


Photo by: Kamryn Ramirez

Fresno City College’s library reopened for fall 2021

Fresno City College’s library has now opened up its door for in-person services on campus.

The library is open to a capacity of 75% and approximately 34 hours a week. 

Some of the services open include study space, computer lab, technology check outs, reserving books and ability to meet with librarians face to face for any questions students have or services they’d like to know more about.

Due to the return of in-person classes, Donna Cooper, FCC dean of student learning and success, said many COVID safety protocols are in place when visiting the library.

The library does require students to wear a mask indoors, social distance, use hand sanitizer and put sheets of paper under their items which will help with their items not touching the table, according to Cooper.

The sheets of paper do get tossed afterwards.

As far as following guidelines, Cooper said all students visiting have been “very cooperative.”

During the start of the pandemic, the library was primarily digital, which led Cooper and her team to find ways to help students remotely. 

Though the library is open in-person now, FCC’s library staff has kept working on remote services. 

Recently, the FCC Library has launched a site to help with textbook affordability and it’s called BiBliU. BibliU is a textbook catalog that provides students with free, seamless access to e-textbooks. 

Many students had something to say about the recent guidelines in place at the library and how they are dealing with the protocols.

Zoe Romonogli, pre-allied health major at FCC, feels the library is safe and is taking the best protocols possible. 

However, she does feel masks are a little excessive just because she’s vaccinated and that having that piece of paper under her stuff and throwing it away after was a “waste of paper.”

Though she feels these things are not super helpful, she understands that they are necessary to keep everyone else safe.

Another FCC student, Jada Avila, feels that the library’s in-person return is helpful. 

On her visit to the library, Avila went to study and attend Zoom meetings for a couple classes.

Avila also got help from a librarian which she said made her experience better in the library, considering it’s her first year on campus and is new to most of it.

Avila said she does not have any reason to question the safety protocols in the FCC library and felt they did make her feel safe and welcomed.

Hours of operation consist of  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Wednesdays 9 a.m. – 7 p.m., and Fridays 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.