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David Alvarez

David Alvarez, Reporter

David French Alvarez was born on September 27, 1994 in Fresno California, he is the fifth and last son of Yolanda and George Alvarez.

David grew up in falling in love with video games by playing with his older brothers or watching them play them. Just something about video games that he loved about them, it was escape from problems. Stress and just something that will calm him down. His love of video games led him to start his own YouTube channel called MadRaveDave where he plays with his friends just joking around while playing video games. This also led him to switch his major from history to journalism because he realizes that he can write reviews for video games.

His other passion is comic books. Comic books helped him in his childhood due to getting bullied for liking comics and just reading comics and seeing the heroes going through harsh obstacles and pushing through no matter what. David did enjoy reading at a young age and still loves to read but of his favorite things he loved to read as a child was the Harry Potter series and still loves everything about Harry Potter even today.

All together David is a gamer/geek all around. His room screams nerd all together and won’t have it another way. The tattoos he has are all inspired by comics and Harry Potter. David fell in love with dancing especially Hip-Hop freestyle at a young age. He never went to dance school, he self-taught himself just by watching videos or people dancing, this led him to falling in love with music. He gets lost in the Rhythm of the music and just lets it take control of his body.

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David Alvarez