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Briana Garcia, Reporter

Briana Garcia was born July 26th 1996 in Fresno California who is half Native American and Mexican, she has one brother and lives with her mother and brother in the same apartments as her grandma, two tias, and cousins for the past 20 years. December 2020 Briana would be graduating from Fresno City College with her AA-T in Journalism. Fall of 2020 she would be transferring to Fresno State to get her bachelor's degree in journalism and a minor in American Sign Language.

After college she is considering taking time off from her studies to focus more on herself; she has been attending college since she graduated high school back in 2015 and wants to focus on her mental health for sometime, she might also travel to New York City to look around at the journalism schools they offer.

Briana is currently taking journalism 14 and participating in the Rampage as her last two courses in order to complete her journalism requirements; she is also starting back her YouTube channel “brianamua-143” and has an interest in doing beauty videos to where she might consider becoming a beauty journalist in the future to get a better understanding and look in the beauty world which she has been passionate about since she was thirteen years old. Her other interests are watching every Disney film on Disney+, making videos on her Tiktok, and currently binge watching all the Twilight Saga movies in order to read Stephanie Meyer new book Midnight Sun.

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Briana Garcia