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Brandon Boutvyseth

Brandon Boutvyseth, Reporter

Brandon Boutvyseth born in the year of 1999, July 16th in Salt Lake City, Utah grew up in Fresno, California and graduated at Sunnyside high school in 2017. He was enrolled and left as a part of the Video Production Academy (VPA). Brandon Boutvyseth also has his own photography business he does through Instagram (@brand.uzi).

He continues his studies at Fresno City College and plans to transfer to Fresno State. Currently studying mass communication and journalism to get into the MCJ program at Fresno State. His plan is to find a career that involves using a camera to mix his hobbies with his career. Brandon Boutvyseth also loves to do editing with photography and filming. His main focus is photography at the moment since he mostly did film in high school.

He has found more of a passion in photography. He is also focusing on his career outside of school and has looked into investing. He wants to figure out ways to improve his success. He has invested in stocks which he does not know too much about but has a strive to learn. His motivation behind that is watching shark tank which talks about business and investors.

He believes his work ethic in wanting to learn came from wrestling in high school. The competition in wrestling he believes gives him the stride to learn new ways to complete tasks. He has done wrestling for 6 years and also coached a couple years as well. He had a strong motivation for wrestling and was very dedicated. Now he focuses on his career and bettering himself and others in the future. 


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Brandon Boutvyseth