Candace Egan: FSU Professor Turned FCC tennis star


Photo by: Michael Monroy

FCC tennis player Candace Egan counters an opposing serve against Sacramento City College, Friday, March 14, 2014 at the Fresno City College Tennis Courts.

Story By: Keaundrey Clark, Sports Editor

Candace Egan finished the 2013 season undefeated in conference play. She was also the Big 8 MVP. In 2014 she was part of an FCC womens tennis team that went undefeated. It was FCC’s first conference title since 2012, and their first outright title in some time.

Egan loves the demand, physical and mental aspect of the game. She compares it to a physical chess match.

“It’s about analyzing and problem-solving and combining that with the physical. That’s what makes tennis a great sport,” said Egan.

Q.What got you back  into tennis?

A. My husband pushed me to get back out and play. I took a tennis class at FCC, Coach Monreal was the teacher she asked me to comeout and practice and the rest is history.


Q. How long have you been playing?

A. I’ve been playing on and off for the most part of 17 years. I started in high school at Fresno High.


Q. You got married and tennis took the backburner to other aspects of  your life. Coming back to tennis how hard was the adjustment?

A. When I started working at Fresno State, I tried to get back into tennis recreationally but was not in shape physically or mentally.One of my colleagues had an interest in tennis, so we got back into shape together and would go play matches at Roeding Park.


Q. Family and friends: How supportive have they been during the comeback?

A. I’ve had support from family and friends throughout the process. Even some of my colleagues have come to see me play and I’m  always the topic of conversation with other professors.


Q. How has your second seaon at FCC gone?

A. Second season going well, we finished the season undefeated and won the conference title.


Q. What are your goals for the rest of the season?

A. I want our team to get through the postseaon tournemt and advance in the Ojai state tournament.


Q. Did you think you guys would be this good last fall?

A.The hard work we put in prepared us and made us better.