Sood’s Fight To Survive


Photo by: Michael Monroy

FCC badminton player Mattali Sood returns a serve to an opposing player from De Anza City College, Tuesday, April 1, 2014 in the Fresno City College Gymnasium.

Story By: Keaundrey Clark, Sports Editor

Mattali Sood’s battle with cancer helps push her life in the right direction.

Mattali Sood, born in India, came to Fresno in 2010. She attended Central High School yet she had trouble making friends. She started playing badminton, a sport she hadn’t played since her days living in India.

“I started playing it recreationally to get back into the sport.”

2011 saw her biggest challenge to date; surviving cancer. Sood had many symptoms yet she ignored them, then after going to the doctor she was told to get x-rays. There she found out.

“Cancer (lymph around lungs) and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in my life,” said Sood, “but after surviving cancer I want to be a doctor.”

After six months of chemotherapy she was cancer-free and able to continue playing badminton.

“My family was very supportive, they were with me throughout the whole process.”

She plans on transferring to Fresno State and then applying for medical school to become a cancer specialist.  “Cancer made me stronger,” said Sood.