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Fresno City College Renovates Old Softball Field

Photo by: Marco Hernandez
Construction on the new Fresno City College softball facility on Sept. 18.

Fresno City College, after years of planning, is renovating the softball field in time for the 2024 season.

Shannon Robertson, District Director of Construction Services, worked on the field planning and currently oversees its renovations.

New concrete dugouts, netting in place of chain-link wire fencing, improved bleachers for a capacity of 200 people, and synthetic turf for the in-field were among the renovations.

“The only thing that does not look any different is the outfield,” Robertson said. “It is [now] more of a complex versus a field.”

According to Robertson, there will be a new team building containing locker rooms, public restrooms, an office, and a snack bar.

Robertson believes access to restrooms, facility services next to the softball field, and improved batting cages will create a better experience for the team.

Daniel Brannick, former senior planner for Odell Planning & Research, worked under contract on the softball stadium in 2021.

Brannick points to lighting as the biggest renovation for the softball field as they are described as stateoftheart. 

According to Brannick, Odell worked with Musco Sports Lighting and researched the lighting to ensure no overexposure.

“[Musco] will get 60 or 80 foot candles or something on the playing field.. And we can cut it down to less than one at the property line,” Brannick said. “I actually want to go stand there and see it for myself.”

The foot candles are where the light hits. This new addition allows for more light coverage on the field without overexposing the surrounding neighborhoods with unnecessary lights.

David Ferguson, Grant Program Director of Sonoma State University, who lives across the street from the softball field, is excited about the field renovations.

“It is looking to be a beautiful facility,” Ferguson said. 

Ferguson has daughters who played softball and will attend every home game Fresno City College’s Softball Team has.

According to Robertson, the State Center Community College Facilities Master Plan 2019-2030 cited plans to renovate the softball field.

Its renovations began sooner after a Title IX lawsuit was filed against State Center Community College.

“The funding was not all there,” said Robertson.

Robertson plans for the field to be up and running by October 2023 months ahead of the softball team’s opening home game.

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