Letter to the Editor: Smoke free is the way to be

Story By: Leon Velasco, FCC Student

I am, Leon Velasco, a student of Fresno City College (FCC). For many semesters Students have been complaining about the overwhelming health risk of cigarette smokers smoking in prohibited areas.

When Smokers are approached they get angry that they’re being told not to smoke where there have been postings not to such as stairwells, balconies and restrooms, and yes Faculty are not immune to temptations of smoking in prohibited areas. I witness a Social Science secretary smoking 1st level stairwell next to forum hall standing next to sign saying no smoking within 20 feet of building entrance.

There have been many campaigns to get the campus to go smoke free. I even have student clubs collaborate to do a cigarette butt butt clean up and had it aired on the nightly news to bring awareness of the severity.

Finally, FCC Associated Student Government’s (ASG) Smoking Designated Area Committee is meeting to take action. Although this wasn’t the complete goal of the students in alliance to make the campus completely smoke free but we’re willing to compromise in hopes that for each year 1 smoking area designated be removed completely to ultimately make the campus tobacco free.

We students of the smoke free campus alliance do ask for a representative to be present to report to the public:

1) Progress being made to make the campus more health conscious.

2) Notify future students of the changes up for consideration to be made.

3) Hold FCC’s ASG accountable and force them to complete the project that has been delayed too many semesters.