Letter To The Editor: Juan Guzman

Story By: Juan Guzman, Diversity Club Advisor

I would like to respond to some aspects of the opinion article “FCC—NOT GAY-FRIENDLY” which appeared in the February 4 edition of the paper and was written by Rampage reporter Chad Armbruster. As one of the faculty advisors, I would like to specifically address some of the comments Mr. Armbruster made about the Fresno City College Diversity Club.

First, let me say that this writer should be commended for writing about such a critical issue, one that often goes avoided and unresolved. Though I don’t fully agree with some of the statements he makes about the LGBTQ environment on campus, I think he is beginning a conversation that is important for all public spaces to engage in. However, there is a certain responsibility that comes with leading this conversation.

I really wish Mr. Armbruster had reached out to me (or any of the other faculty advisors) for comment before publishing his article. Although he states, “no one from Diversity Club was available for comment or conversation,” I would have been happy to fill him in on the details of the club for the semester, had he attempted to contact me. Instead of making disparaging comments about the only LGBTQ club on campus, he might have been able to talk about some of the students and faculty member that are really working toward changing attitudes and perceptions about the LGBTQ community at FCC.

It is true that we were hard to find in the beginning of the semester, and part of this problem is the fact that we have very little members who are involved. I want to thank the writer for bringing campus attention to the matter, and I would like to extend an invitation to the readers of this publication. Diversity Club meets every other Wednesday in BE-136 at 3PM. Our next meeting is scheduled for February 18. If you’re looking for community, for friendship, for support, for work as an activist on and off campus, please know that we are here, and we are looking for you too.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected].


Thank you.


Juan Guzman

Diversity Club Advisor