A Quality Life Without College

Story By: Monica Flores, Reporter

Four years of college: a dreadful moment for most, life can be fulfilled with it and without. Many people have lived high quality lives, without obtaining a degree. From singers to happy farmers, life is what you make of it. Some are happily living a life of quality with the basic necessities.  

 “If you’re a gym freak and always at the gym you’re going to love it, ”Jenny Valdores said to a student at FCC.

When you work on something you love, it no longer feels like a job but a passion.

“College is for certain people,” said Mayrah Gonzales, an FCC student. 

Not everyone believes the worthiness of obtaining an education to a better life, or simply thinks of it as not necessary. Traditional schooling is a time consuming course. In order to obtain a college degree  you have to be committed to doing the work. College is more than studying, going to lectures and doing homework. In college you have to learn how to balance and sacrifice a work life, school life and social life which can become difficult for most to handle. No one ever thinks of college as easy and it isn’t Many college students face a lot of sacrifice such as homelessness, and hunger issues. 

Overall a study concluded 36 percent of college students say they are food insecure. Another 36 percent say they are housing insecure, while 9 percent report being Homeless According to a new study from Temple University and the Wisconsin HOPE Lab found more than a third of college students can’t always afford to eat or have stable housing.

Options such as vocational schooling  is education that prepares people to work as a technician or in various jobs, obtaining a job with a company you can grow in can also be a good option without having to go in the full traditional schooling time for a career they may not find worth doing so for themselves. 

“If you’re a gym freak and always at the gym you’re going to love it, ” Jenny Valdores said.

College has given individuals the ability to have a better career opportunity. One of the basic facets of measuring quality of life is knowledge and humans gain via education is enlightening and therefore, education plays a prime role in this enlightenment. Knowledge begets knowledge. There is no end to self-improvement. A knowledgeable person is revered and respected. Education aids you to achieve higher working demands by skills you have acquired throughout learning. 

“I think you can do everything like start a business and get a business license,” Jeny Valadores said. People promote young children to continue and strive for excellence throughout college because it is the only way you will be able to get you to work in something you are deeply passionate about.

 College benefits you in many forms and ways but most importantly people choose college because you seek something more than employment but a passion you are truly entirely engaged into. 

When you work on something you love, it no longer feels like a job.