Losing My Cell Phone Makes Me Realize How It Controls My Life


Photo by: Bobby Brown


Almost four weeks have gone by and I can’t reply to phone calls, text messages or even access the apps that I enjoy; my phone is now useless.

The moment that my phone dropped onto my parent’s hard bathroom floor, my first thought was that my phone was fine, but as I lifted my phone from the ground, I realized that I was wrong.

My phone’s screen was cracked, and my phone had gone crazy as if it was possessed; apps were opening by themselves and phone calls were made by themselves.

This was on Aug. 29.

Since the incident, my first full day without my phone felt weird and different; although my phone didn’t allow me to actually have access to applications, I still carried my phone with me wherever I went.

I discovered how attached I was to my phone and found myself still trying to unlock my phone, and  whenever I received a notification, I felt like going onto an application.  

I needed to get in contact with classmates, use my phone as a tool for an assignment, use the navigation app, and at that moment, I felt as if everything that I did required my phone in order to have a good outcome.

My father was kind enough to lend me his phone for the time being, but using his phone does not feel the same.

I’m still able to contact others and use apps, but I wasn’t familiar with his phone; he has an Andriod, and I have an iPhone.

The struggle to adapt to an Android phone was difficult; after a few days of using my father’s phone, I realized that I should have appreciated my phone and tried my best to prevent it from breaking.

Breaking my phone made me notice how often I used my phone as well as how much I needed it; I used to rely on my phone for the simplest things such as keeping track of what day it was.

I learned that I should never take something that I use on a daily basis such as my smartphone for granted; it’s a tool that allows me to get through the day.  

When I still had my phone, I took it for granted and didn’t properly care for it. However, after spending weeks without full access to my phone, I can say that I will look after my next phone with more care.
I will now do my best to make sure that any phone that I will use will be secure in my hands or be place in a secure area like my purse or backpack.