FCC Health Services, Over 20 Years of Promoting Safe Sex


Photo by: Abigail Wall

Health Services promoting safe since with free condoms and instructional guide on how to use them.

Fresno City College Health Services are providing free condom packs to students and staff. Each pack comes with an instructional guide on proper use. 

According to Health and Psychological Services program assistant Brianna J. Rivera, free condoms have been available on campus since the 1980s because of the AIDs epidemic.

“The free condoms have been made available on campus since the mid 1980’s due to the AIDS epidemic,” Rivera said.

The National Condom Project has been supplying free condoms to FCC Health services since.

“Many students don’t realize the free services we have in our office so we made it a mission to highlight these with our Health Services Instagram account. We hope to increase awareness and that staff and students spread the word about what our office provides and more enrolled students access our services,” Rivera said.

Poonan Rattu a Pre-Allied nursing major at FCC believes that this a great step towards a safer environment. 

“It prevents various sexually transmitted diseases. It also promotes safe choices,” said Rattu. 

English major Keaton Vanzandt believes that free condoms are a useful resource.

“I feel that it is a very good idea that can be a useful resource for some people,” said Vanzandt.

But Vanzandt believes FCC health services should be doing more to promote safe sex. 

“I think health services could do more to promote safe sex, not enough people seem to realize how dangerous it could be not to practice it,” Vanzandt said.

These condom packs are located in the Health Services office lobby and on the bulletin board outside the office door.