Veterans Resource Center Goes Virtual

The Veterans Resource Center, which assists veteran students and their dependents, has gone virtual this semester in order to continue its operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Clients can get help with tutoring and scholarship guidance as well as offering psychological and academic counseling. Prior to in-person instruction being suddenly suspended and replaced by a mix of online resources like Canvas and Zoom last March, the centers’ clients could easily stop by to take advantage of its services. But with the transition to online learning also came the transition to online student services. 

Clients and prospective clients of the VRC, as it is known on campus, can still take advantage of many of the services that were available before the shutdown. This of course, with a few adjustments and exceptions..

“We at the VRC are continuing to serve our veteran students and dependents remotely during this pandemic” said Jaime Durán, the centers’ director. Adding that the center shifted in its delivery of services.

He went on to say that they have also modified how students submit necessary documents so that they can receive their educational benefits. “Instead of dropping documents off at our office, students now upload onto Canvas.”

Students can schedule counseling appointments via the centers’ webpage or they contact counselors or student workers directly.”

For clients and dependents, the office shutdowns have impacted vet students’ social and academic lives in other ways. 

This semester, the center has temporarily halted its social lounge where students would socialize and interact with other VRC clients. The computer lab they used to do homework and receive tutoring has also closed until further notice.

In the meantime,  Durán said, “Although students do not have access to our lounge area, we are taking this time to revamp it so that once we return to some normalcy, we can continue to offer them a space for studying, lounging, and peer support.”

According to Durán, the VRC recently held a Q&A Zoom session for VRC studentsTo provide information and assist students in the transition to online learning.

Rams interested in finding out more about the Veterans Resource Center or to set up an appointment  can contact the center by phone at 559.442.8224 and leave a voicemail message for a callback.

The center can also be reached by email at [email protected]