Start of Semester Boosts Business in Tower District

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Photo by: Conner Stevens

Tower District.

There is no doubt that the beginning of the Fresno City College semester has brought more foot traffic throughout the Tower District. Whether it be restaurants or coffee shops, all types of businesses are benefiting from the increased population around the area.

“When classes started, there was a whole new level of pick up in business,” said Alan Bedoya, a barista at Hi-Top Coffee. “It’s chill to see all the different people in here at night.”

Bedoya also said that there is a noticeable change in pace in the coffee shop during the semester with all the students studying and getting their work done during the day.

There has also been an increase in the nightlife of the Tower District since the semester began.

“Thursday and Friday nights have been a lot busier with students coming in from Fresno City and Fresno State,” Lauren Holguin, a bartender at Bobby Salazar’s in Tower said.

Holguin said that the restaurant has added some features such as Karaoke nights and a disc jockey to appeal to a younger crowd.

Holguin added, “It definitely makes it more enjoyable coming into work knowing that it’s going to be busy.”