ASG’s New President Speaks Loud and Proud for Students of FCC


Photo by: Eric Ham

Associated Student Government President, Chirstopher Washington, holds a weekly meeting in the Student Lounge Conference Room on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018. Photo by Eric Ham

From being raised in Brooklyn by his grandmother to living with his adoptive mother in Virginia, Christopher Leo Washington finally made it to Fresno.

He first arrived in Fresno in 2016. Washington was homeless for 9 months. As soon as he got on his feet, he enrolled at FCC in 2017.

As soon as Washington learned about ASG he ran for senator. He then became the public relations senator at the end of last year.

He plans on using his public relations mind in his presidency because he’s learned that the image of ASG is very important to upkeep.

“I have a public relations mind, why can’t I just increase how people see ASG even as the president?” Washington said.

Washington’s main priorities are dealing with student involvement, student hunger and safety, and ASG’s involvement with the community.

All of Washington’s time is volunteered. He is in the ASG office as early as 8:30 a.m. everyday.
His open door policy invites students to the office at any time to discuss any needs with him or the senators. “I feel like as president, you can’t help someone that you don’t speak to,” he said.

Since implementing this policy, many students have been in and out of the ASG office. Senator Ray Brown said there is never a time where Washington is not talking to someone.

Another goal is to be more involved in the community. Just this past weekend, ASG participated in Relay for Life.

Washington says that ASG plans on holding events every month where FCC gives back to the community through the Salvation Army, feeding the homeless, Fresno Rescue Mission, toys for tots, or anything that will help.

Washington says he wants everyone to know he’s doing his best. He notices the community needs help.

Trustee Chuck Rodriguez says his energy brings a lot to ASG. “We see differently but thats what makes us better and stronger,” Rodriguez says.

Washington also wants to enforce speaking up throughout ASG. “When you see something, say something,” Washington says.

“I say this to myself and most of my staff all the time sometimes change starts with yourself and I think the presidency has changed me,” said Washington. “Am I all the way there? No. Do I have things to work on? Yes. But I know that when I go home at night, whether it’s at 5:50, 8:50 or at 2:50 in the afternoon that I gave 100 percent today.”

Washington’s love for politics influences his dream to someday be a house representative. Washington plans on running for the U.S. house in the next term.