FCC Students React to a Future Smoke-Free Campus


Photo by: Rampage Archive

Students smoke on campus, October 20, 2010.

Fresno City College students are speaking out about their school becoming a smoke free campus.

“Everyone’s different, let them have their vices,” said brothers, Derek and Scott Bullis who frequently use the smoking areas to “relieve stress.”

In January of 2015 FCC designated eight areas around the campus for smoking, the main and largest smoking area located in the middle of the campus is home to many FCC smokers.

“I’m not surprised, I could see it happening with all the trash that’s left behind. Whatever’s best for the campus .. may not like it but I support it,” said Ben Lopez a FCC student who is making his second attempt at college this semester.

What do the non-smokers have to say? Will it make a difference in their everyday lives on campus?

“Clean air? Yes please!” said Kenneth Jimenez, a film major and nonsmoker in his third year at FCC.

“I can’t wait for this to happen,” said Jocelyn Betancourt, a nonsmoker and a child development major starting her third year at FCC. “I hate walking past the smoking area and it’s cluttered with cigarette butts.”

FCC will become a smoke free campus in compliance with the Board of Governors ruling from May, 2018. The new policy will take effect in the next 90 days according to FCC president Carol Goldsmith.