Proposition 55 will replace Prop 30

The election is on its way and with Nov. 8 closing in, local teaching groups are in hopes of pushing for prop 55.

Prop 55, also known as the “Children’s Education and Health Care protection Act of 2016,” is a ballot measure created to extend prop 30, which was passed in 2012.

Prop 30 helped to stabilize school districts statewide by raising income tax by three percent on the wealthy and increasing sales tax.

Lacy Barnes, President of State Center Federation of Teachers, expresses her support of prop 55 and helps to promote it.
“Prior to prop 30, our district and a lot of the other college districts were cutting courses. It was impacting students because they were not able to get into the courses that they needed to matriculate and to articulate to four year institutions or finish up their degrees to go into the workforce. Proposition 30 allowed for [SCCCD] to stop cutting courses so we were able to expand the offering of classes to students.”