17-Year Student Activities Employee Terminates Her Employment With District

Cresencio Rodriguez

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Linda Sanchez says she has resigned from her position as a Student Activities office clerk.

After undergoing a lengthy investigation process into a case of assault dating March 20, 2015, Sanchez says she decided to resign on July 30.

Diane Clerou, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources says Sanchez’s resignation was taken to the State Center Community College District Board of Trustees in August.

Sanchez said the problem started when she was off on sick leave for a couple of months and returned to find that approximately $2,000 were missing from the student activities office.

Sanchez was arrested on March 20 for grabbing a student but she alleges that the quick turn of events was in part due to her actions of reporting the missing funds.

“The same people that the money is missing from, are still in charge of that same money,” Sanchez said. “Nobody got written up; nobody got letters of reprimand.”

The 17-year employee says she was not a bad employee and really cared for the students.

“I would buy kids lunch; I would buy kids ASB cards when I knew that they really needed it to get a book loan,” Sanchez said. “I went above and beyond what my job was.”

But Sanchez says her 17 years as an employee and three years as a student aide at the college were quickly overlooked when she was arrested for grabbing a student. She says her frustration about not receiving an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act caused her to snap.

Sanchez says she suffered from work stress, something that could have been resolved by headphones, according to her doctors. She says the accommodation was reasonable, but her supervisors were not accommodating.

“So on [March 20] when all that happened, I snapped, after being under stress and being off for five months and trying to figure out what they were doing with the money,” Sanchez said.

But Sanchez says she has received a $4,200 settlement to compensate her for her supervisor’s failure to provide headphones.

“They just wanted to settle it; they didn’t want to send me to a psychiatrist and do an evaluation and do a mental health work up,” Sanchez said. “It was all because of the work stress.”

Sanchez said she has moved out of her home which was located near the college.

Clerou said Sanchez is allowed to step on to the campus after being banned, following the March 20 incident.  

However, Sanchez says the district has told her she needs to be on good behavior if she wishes to continue stepping on to the college campus.