Adjunct Faculty to Raise Awareness During Equity Week

Eight months after the National Adjunct Walkout Day, Fresno City College adjunct faculty are still striving for big changes.

The National Adjunct Walkout Day on Feb. 25 provided opportunity for both full-time and part-time faculty to promote awareness about the issues that affect part-time instructors.

Some of the adjunct faculty issues that were addressed were about disparity in pay between full-time and part-time instructors; having a dedicated office space; paid office hours; job security and more.

Since the National Adjunct Walkout Day, only minor changes have taken place.

“What I have not seen is any major changes coming down from the district or from administration,” said Kellen Prandini, part-time anthropology instructor and at-large part-time representative for the State Center Federation of Teachers [SCFT]. “Wages are the same; working conditions are definitely the same, so that has not changed.”

Prandini said he hopes that spreading awareness and getting others involved will help make changes in the future.

He said that the two main things that have happened since the awareness day are: “more people are aware of the issues that affect part-time faculty and much more part-time faculty have been involved in organizing and planning ways to help solve some of our issues.”

Prandini said part-time faculty met up during an adjunct faculty meet and greet at the SCFT on Oct.16 where they participated in activities as well as shared their ideas about what should be changed.

The meet and greets are held every few months by the SCFT.

During the meet and greet, attendees also spoke about Equity Week, which will be held during the end of October. “During Equity Week we’re going to set up probably something similar to the National Adjunct Walkout Day where we had an awareness table,” Prandini said.

The faculty union has created a sub-committee to address adjunct concerns, including planning the meet and greets, educational meetings for adjunct faculty and more, Prandini said.

“The union is working together with part-timers to make some of these positive changes,” Prandini said.

Pradini encourages the college community to commit to advancing the cause of adjuncts. He said, “I think that the more students, more part-time and full-time faculty, and any administrators can get involved, can help bring about change.”