ASG rewards ASB card holders

Story By: Alyssa Garza, Reporter

The Associated Student Government at Fresno City College has planned a number of activities to get the student body more involved in campus activities.

The first of those activities was a pool party at the campus pool on Sept. 19, 2014.

“Over 100 to 200 people total attended the pool party,” said Toni Sandoval. Legislative Vice president of the ASG.

All who attended received free food and drinks along with music.

“I thought that the pool party was a good way to interact with fellow students,” said Ananias McCura, FCC student.

Juan Miramontes, new senator for ASG helped out at the pool party by working the clicking in the amount of people who walked into the pool area.

Trustee Garret Hale, David Alvarez, communications officer and Toni Sandoval brought the food leftover from the pool party to Tent City, a homeless encampment, located in downtown Fresno.

The party cost only $600 even though $1,000 had been allocated, said Sandoval

The idea of the pool party came from Sandoval  and Emily Hass, senator-at-large as a way for the ASG Staff to welcome the new committees and any student of FCC who would like to attend.

“It was just an idea at first it wasn’t something that we knew would actually happen,” said Sandoval. “But the more we talked about it, the more excited we became.”

The ASG is also trying to recruit more members to the student government.  Ruby Ruiz and Maize Lee, ASG senators, said anyone in the FCC student body can join the ASG and see what it is like.

The members of the ASG waded into the main water fountain in front of the Language Arts building after the meeting no Sept. 16, 2014 to show students what the pool party would look like.

ASG has scheduled more events in October such as Ramburger, The Homecoming Game and the BBQ Throwdown.

The members of ASG are encouraging more students to come to these events.

“We sometimes invite student activities  and active student club members  to help get everything done” said Daniel Melchor President of ASG.