Tyler, the Creator Returns to Fresno, Takes Over the Selland Arena


Photo by: Julie Chavez

Tyler the Creator (right) walks across the stage while an army of Tylers appear on the screen behind him.

Story By: Julie Chavez, Reporter

Tyler, the Creator, performed as his IGOR album inspired alter-ego for an almost sold out show at the Selland Arena in downtown Fresno on Saturday Oct. 12. 

The 28-year-old rapper is currently on tour to promote his fifth album “IGOR” which was released on May 17. 

Opening for the Fresno show, one of 34 dates planned for this tour, were artists Goldlink and Blood Orange. 

Tyler the Creator, whose real name is Tyler Okonoma, is known for many things including creating the rap group, Odd Future. 

However, most of his success comes from the five albums he has written and produced almost entirely on his own. 

Inside the arena, the balcony seats and general admission floor were filled with people of all ages. Fans wore clothing created by Tyler the Creator such as GOLF LE FLUER hoodies while others wore outfits inspired by his previous albums. 

Moments before Tyler appeared on stage, the crowd chanted “Tyler, Tyler, Tyler” as they grew restless for him to perform. Once he stepped on stage, the entire arena welcomed him with loud screams and applause. 

Dressed in his famous IGOR attire, a bright green suit and blonde wig, Tyler chaotically danced on stage during almost every song, fans could see sweat dripping down his face. 

Underneath the disguise surely enough was the funny and sarcastic rapper that fans love. 

When he cracked jokes about the city of Fresno and told everyone to shut up so he could sing his song, the crowd thought it was absolutely hilarious. 

As for the music, most songs required Tyler to rap for long periods of time, but during the most popular songs like “EARFQUAKE”, the entire arena sung the lyrics in unison which allowed Tyler to catch a break. 

Out on the floor, mosh pits were formed but were so intense a handful of people left and did not return. 

Fans said they were aware of how dangerous Tyler’s shows can be and were not willing to risk getting injured or having a panic attack and decided to stay on the outside of the pit. 

Two fans who traveled from Santa Maria, California expressed they had fun in the mosh pits and, “Would definitely attend another concert for Tyler the Creator even if we have to drive over 4 hours again.” 

They added that they enjoyed the openers because they got to hear new music from different artists who are not as popular as the main act. 

The first opener of the show was D’Anthony Carlos, who goes by the stage name of Goldlink, had no trouble getting the crowd hyped for the night. 

“Fresno must be the best city in the West Coast,”  he said, which the crowd agreed with by cheering very loudly. 

As for the second opener, Devonte Hynes better known as Blood Orange, not many people knew his songs but after his performance he may have made some new fans. 

After this stop in Fresno, there are only eight shows left on the IGOR tour that began in late August. The tour is scheduled to wrap up on Oct. 26 in Houston, Texas.